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I will be walking in Floradale Friends of Dog Guides Lions

This May help me ” to give more Canadians a new leash on life!

Hi All

My name is Bailey.  I live and play in Elmira.  The catchment pond behind the Woodside Bible Chapel is one of my fav spots to hang out..There are rabbits, geese and the odd time some other furry friends , like squirrels and other puppies.  Oh yea, the Leash Free Dog Park over by the Scout Shed is also a great place to spend some time.

I am happy with my house mates.  They are almost trained to meet my needs. They are both involved with a service organization (Lions Clubs International)  The Lions founder had said that "you will not go very far in life before you will meet someone in need"  Well that is exactly what these Lion members are doing.  
We dogs are here to help.  Some of us go to homes where the people have some serious problems.  We can help.  But, we have to be shown how to help.

The Lions Dog Guides Program is one such way to help.   Lions have a "Puppy"  Facility in Breslau,  a network of volunteers that socialize the puppys, and a training school in Oakville.  Graduates move on to Families that need their help.   This is all at a cost.  We raise funds to support the project

I am a dog not a Lion, but I will be walking in Elmira May 28th on the Kissing Bridge Trail to raise money to help.  Please sponsor me.

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Let’s go Bailey!!