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Support this year's most Pup-Tastic Team!

As Breeding, Puppy Program, and Veterinary staff at Dog Guides Canada, we get to work with the organization’s adorable and talented Future Dog Guide puppies right from the day they are born. By fundraising for this year’s virtual Walk for Dog Guides, we are helping to support theses puppies’ journey to formal training, placement with a client and follow-up afterwards. If you’re able, please consider making a donation. We promise cute puppy photos, and that your donation will help not only these puppies, but their future partners.

On May 31st the first ever Pet Valu Virtual Walk for Dog Guides will take place in a physically distant manner. We are encouraging participants to show your support for Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides by going for a walk around the block, lifting some weights at home, running on your treadmill at home, dancing in your living room, jumping on your trampoline, or anything physically active all while practicing social distancing.

Every dollar raised through the virtual walk will support Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and its mission to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them Dog Guides at no cost.

Thanks for your support!

Walk Details

Walk Date:
May 31, 2020
Pet Valu Virtual Walk for Dog Guides
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Pet Valu Virtual Walk for Dog Guides

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  • Abby Hill
  • Adrienne Sutton
  • Angela Robertson
  • Sandy Thompson
  • carol belford
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  • Craigie van Bremen
  • Pip
  • Don and Debbie Cragg
  • Debbie Lynch
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  • The Fearsome Foursome From Belleville
  • Dorva Hely
  • Emily Hobbes
  • The Taal’s
  • Erin Jenkins
  • Faith Mepham
  • Lando
  • Heather
  • Anonymous
  • Jane Ward
  • Mom
  • Erin & Jeremy
  • Jessica Leader
  • Jody Knee
  • John & Lois Nagata
  • Jolanta Lisak
  • Judy Wallace
  • Juha & Helen
  • Karen O-R & Nicki
  • karen peralta
  • Kathryn Marshall
  • Katya & Jonathan
  • Kelly Amo
  • Kendra Hobbes
  • Kev
  • Kimberly Duff
  • Krista Thompson
  • L. Jotham
  • Lauren
  • Lee-Ann Okolisan
  • Lindsay Lenos
  • Lingli Ma
  • Aunt Lori and Uncle Willie
  • Lori and Allen and Levon and Snip
  • Madison Feijo
  • Marjorie Chudnovsky
  • Mel, Gary & Bella (in memory of Shyanne & Envy)
  • Mercedes & Darsie
  • Michelle Dam
  • Pam, Craig and Romero
  • Murray E.
  • Ola
  • Ray and Laura Palmer
  • Bob Lynch
  • Robin Durham
  • Rose
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  • Ruth Meehan
  • Sam Hobbes
  • Selina Demik
  • Shane
  • Shari Vanderhoek
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  • Luke Spiegelaar
  • Steph, Matt & Link!
  • Susan Marshall
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  • Tom & Liz Opratko
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