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Dog Guides Supporters, Fellow Lions, Friends and Family,

Annually the Burlington Lions Clubs organize the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides, typically a physical walk. However due to the COVID 19 Pandemic this year we are asking you to participate in a VIRTUAL WALK this year by helping us fund raise as the cost and needs of Dog Guides and Clients continue regardless of these current limitations. Any donation you raise for the Virtual Walk or give personally to this fund raiser is very much appreciated.

Dog Guides are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Thanks to national sponsors, 100% of the funds raised from the Walk go directly to the six Dog Guide training programs. Dog Guides Canada has already provided their specially trained Dog Guides to more than 2,000 men, women and children from ages 4 to 88, all without any government funding. With your help more people can experience the mobility, safety and independence a devoted Dog Guide brings.

Walk Details

Walk Date:
May 31, 2020
Pet Valu Virtual Walk for Dog Guides, Ontario
Organized by:
Pet Valu Virtual Walk for Dog Guides

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  • Alan Crost
  • Annette Williamson
  • Bob & Bev Hilton
  • Beverley Miller
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  • Brenda Spencer
  • Brian Hawthorn
  • Brian Uloth
  • Bruce Caplan
  • Anonymous
  • Carole Hawthorn
  • Chad Allison
  • Cheryl Hosking
  • diane Armitage
  • Dianne & Bill Ferris
  • Duncan McPhail
  • Gene Mattison
  • Ian & Karen Jones
  • Jack Litton
  • Jake
  • The Mississauga Andersons
  • Jim Frizzle
  • James Taggart
  • Jane Swackhammer
  • Janet Farrell
  • The Anderson Family
  • Joseph Biro
  • Karen and Perry Bowker
  • Karen Varnell
  • Kevin and Sue
  • Leslie Foster
  • Linda McLaughlin
  • Loraine Fedurco
  • Manonita Das
  • Marianne Moar
  • Marlene and Gracie Crepp
  • Matthew Hawthorn
  • Nancy Burger
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  • Peter W. Sangster
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  • Shirley Wilkinson
  • All Canadian Gardening
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