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This Tommy! Adel is my shining gleaming black Labrador Retriever Autism Assistance Dog Guide, But she's really a dalmatian covered in soot, hiding from Cruella Devil! Adel is my very best friend, and she keeps me safe and I would like other people with autism to have a dog like Adel. I would also like other people to have a wonderful dog like Adel to help them with vision, hearing, epilepsy, diabetes, and wheelchairs! If you would like to walk with me and Adel on September 24, 2017, join my team called Adel's 101 Donations!!!! Together we can try to raise 101 Donations for the Lions Foundation! You will be helping me to help others have dogs like Adel! Thanks! Whee! PS. Watch out for Cruella!!!

Dog Guides are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Thanks to national sponsors, 100% of the funds raised from the Walk go directly to the six Dog Guide training programs. Dog Guides Canada has already provided their specially trained Dog Guides to more than 2,000 men, women and children from ages 4 to 88, all without any government funding. With your help more people can experience the mobility, safety and independence a devoted Dog Guide brings.

Walk Details

Walk Date:
September 24, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Organized by:
Cumberland, Gloucester North, Kanata-Hazeldean, Navan, Stittsville , Gloucester, Orleans, Russell & Manotick Lions Clubs

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  • Alison Given and Laurie Thomson
  • Bonnie Hill
  • Christine Trauttmansdorff
  • Cynthia & Charles
  • Emily L Beedell
  • Jacquie
  • Mrs. Gilchrist
  • Joseph Miranda
  • McMorine Family
  • Laura Burns
  • Laura Cullen
  • Anonymous
  • MaryAnn Given
  • May Given
  • May and Ken
  • Susan Bahry
  • a fellow runner
  • Walter D Burgess