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My family and I have fostered 2 dogs; Judo and then Jonesy. They have been fun to have around the house and we hope to foster more dogs in the future. If you want to help people get a guide dog, feel free to donate to my page! ;) First picture: Judo when we first got him- practicing walking at the mall. (Age 7 weeks.) Second picture: Judo at the office. Not sure how old, probably 6-7 months??? Third picture: Best buds Kanji (left) and Judo (right). I think they are both around 5 months Last picture: 7 week old Judo, relaxing.

Dog Guides are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. Thanks to national sponsors, 100% of the funds raised from the Walk go directly to the six Dog Guide training programs. Dog Guides Canada has already provided their specially trained Dog Guides to more than 2,000 men, women and children from ages 4 to 88, all without any government funding. With your help more people can experience the mobility, safety and independence a devoted Dog Guide brings.

Walk Details

Walk Date:
May 26, 2018
Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario
Organized by:
Kitchener Waterloo Community Spirit Lions Club, St. Jacobs Lions Club & Bridgeport Lions Club

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