St. Davids & District LEO Club

Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides 2023/2024

Walk Information

Walk Location (city):

St. Davids

Walk Organizer:

St. Davids Lions & LEO Clubs

Contact Name:

Bradd Anderson

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Date of Walk:


Time of Walk:

11:30 (24hr)

General Info:

Our Walk for Dog Guides take place in the St. Davids Lions Park: 1462 York Road, St. Davids. Registrations begin around 11am with the walk starting at 11:30am. Walkers are encouraged to walk around our park stopping at the various walk check points. Walk pledges are great...walkers with pets or own, individuals or groups are even better.

Anything else:

This Walk for Dog Guides is a collaboration between the youth members of the St. Davids LEO Club, the St. Davids Lions Club and Pet Value - Virgil, ON.

This May, our Walk for Dog Guides will give more Canadians a new leash on life!

From guiding their handlers through their daily lives to getting help when it's needed most, Dog Guides play a crucial role in the lives of Canadians with disabilities. By supporting the Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides, you will be enabling Lions Foundation to fulfill their mission to empower Canadians with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence by providing Dog Guides at no cost to them and supporting each pair in their journey together.

Please donate now and support Canadians with disabilities.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Bradd Anderson


Nancy Chiasson