USS Nomad NCC 72382-A Star Trek Fan Orgnization

Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides 2023/2024

Walk Information

Walk Location (city):

Huntsville, ON

Walk Organizer:

USS Nomad-A Fan Club

Contact Name:


Date of Walk:


Time of Walk:

13:00 (24hr)

General Info:

We are there to help. To offer assistance and dare others to do better.

Anything else:

A third party group that raises funds for multiple charities. This is our groups first time supporting this event

I'm fundraising with my club, because Pets are family

They wait for you, they love you and they help you.  Dogs can make a difference and the Crew of the Nomad is fundraising for this event so that someone, somewhere gets the companion they need.

Please donate to this important cause!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Captain Rob